MTM Part 4: the Future

More Payors!
Proportion of payers providing MTM services are increasing:
• 62% (2007)
• 86% (2010)

There is an increasing number of payors providing MTM services.
Of these payors the criteria for MTM eligibility is also expanding.
The Affordable Care Act also may stimulate increased use of
MTM services. Although the MTM grant provision of the law
has yet to be funded, provisions that are designed to reduce
hospital readmissions, Independence at Home demonstration
projects, patient-centered medical homes, and accountable care
organizations potentially may include pharmacist-provided MTM
services as a strategy to improve clinical outcomes and control
costs. (12)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services lists the
Requirements for Medication Therapy Management Programs
(MTMP): Under 423.153(d). For a list of these requirements,
please visit

Although MTM has many faces, one common goal remains the same—better patient health.

No one knows your store and workflow better than
you and certainly, no one knows your patients better than you.

Payors are exploding onto the scene with ever expanding criteria making more
MTM opportunities for community pharmacies. A pharmacy will be chosen to provide the service…make sure it’s you!

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