MTM Part 2: Customer Relations

MTM is a way to strengthen the patient – pharmacist relationship
by engaging in a dialogue that serves to ensure the patient, fully
understands, fully, what medications they are taking.

According to APhA, MTM service development during 2010 was
helping pharmacists become more integrated with their patients and
with the overall health care team by:

• Building connections with patients
• Building professionalism
• Creating collaboration
• Enhancing the pharmacist’s image with the public and colleagues
• Obtaining a new level of respect from patients
• Increasing patient–prescriber–pharmacist interaction
• Establishing trust with patients
• Feeling more a part of the health care team
• Increasing patient loyalty
• Improving patient’s perception of the value of the services offered
by pharmacists (10)

This is only one section of the five part MTM blog posts.  Continuing reading the complete article by choosing a link from below:

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