A Merger Worth MILLIONS A Look at 2010

United Drugs and Associated Pharmacies Inc. (API) enjoyed many years of individual success, but in 2009 these two excellent organizations joined forces to create the best member owned pharmacy cooperative in the United States. The new organization, American Associated Pharmacies, (AAP) combined API’s 23 years of outstanding warehouse service, with over 35 years of United Drugs Managed Care contracting leadership, to deliver previously unseen success for the new organization, and most importantly, for our member pharmacies.  Individually each organization showed steady growth in year-end dividends paid to their members. As a much larger organization, AAP was able to obtain lower prices, and so generate greater rebates and dividends for our members.

Profits Grow While Operating Costs Fall

The merger also lowered operating costs, and increased efficiency.  AAP is now able to provide improved programs which lower service costs and increase profits. As our cooperative continues to grow, AAP members will continue to enjoy increasing benefits.